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Why pay for Home Exercise Program software?...Yeah, we couldn't come up with a good reason either. Wouldn't it be better if all the tools you needed were free? We agree!

Clinical Tools.

  • Free Home Exercise Program builder
  • Free language translation
  • Free unlimited templates
  • Free post surgical protocols
  • Free digital outcome measures
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Your life is complicated enough. Your clinical tools should be simple.


I can't say enough great things about TheraXPro! This has really changed our ability to deliver care in our Probono clinics that serve primarily immigrants and refugees. The TheraXPro team has been so responsive to my requests for translation services, it is truly amazing.
- Dr. Stephanie Muth - PT, PhD
I've had a great experience using TheraXPro and would highly recommend it! As a student, during busy clinicals, there's little time to review material. TheraXPro was (and continues to be) a helpful tool in which I can quickly refresh on special tests, goniometry, MMTs, surgical protocols, and much more. I will definitely continue to use this HEP platform, and I recommend that others check it out!
- Belen Fresno - PT Student

Our Purpose

To remove the barriers that steal passion. We believe passionate students make passionate clinicians, and passionate clinicians improve patients' lives. Period.


We identify specific barriers that students, clinicians, and patients face by utilizing a variety of collection sources. The most essential and prominent technique is actually listening to the human beings having these experiences.

TheraXPro is 100% FREE with the help of and affiliate marketing. However, there has been no compromise of the user experience being clean, simple, and stable.

Specific Barriers Identified

Student barriers:


- Every student has experienced the anxiety that comes from the pressure to perform, whether that be a practical exam or walking into your first clinical and being unsure how to apply what you've learned.

Method of learning

- There is so much content to learn that key pieces of information can become elusive and unclear.

Clinician barriers:


- In today's high-demand clinical settings, clinicians need to deliver high-quality care without wasting time with tools that don't meet their specific needs.


- Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for clinicians to have to pay out of pocket for the tools they need to provide optimal care, continue their education, and save time.

Patient barriers:

HEP clarity

- Patient recovery suffers when they don't fully understand and, thus, adhere to their prescribed home exercise plan.


- If used properly, technology is a blessing to a patient. If the learning curve is too steep or not user-friendly, then technology becomes a curse.

Free.Clinical Tools.Simplified.